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.. for camera preferences

c, v
If more then one webcams are connected (c) switches aktive camera to primary webcam, (v) to secondary webcam. forces level reload. [version 0.95]
Mirror. Flips the camera image horizontal, according to whether you stay with your front or with your back to the cam.

.. for contour tuning

saving current image as difference image.
1 then + -
Binary Threshold. (+ -) sets the binary threshold of the Difference Picture. To adapt configuration to different lightning situations, change this value until best contour is visible.
2 then + -
Triangle smoothing. (+ -) changes the accuacy of the contour, higer values lead to smoothed contour.
3 then + -
Triangle simplicity. (+ -) changes the vertex count of the contour, higher values lead to cornered contour.
4 then + -
Image Blur. (+ -) applies a gaussian Blur on the difference picture before tresholding, change this value to close little holes in contour , also enlarges the contour.
5 then + -
Image Smoothing. (+ -) smoothes the picture over time, saves up to 3 frames and calculates average value, used to stabilize flickering of webcam picture
6 then + -
Colordifferencemethod. (+ -) changes difference picture calculation methods, last 2 methods add movement over time pictures to difference picture to enhance contrast.
7 then + -
Erosion. Morphological Operation that "erodes" the pixels, to shrink pixel structures or to eliminate noise of webcam pictue.
8 then + -
Dilatation. Morphological Operation that adds pixels around existing pixels, to counteract the erode operation.

.. for cheating

restarting current level.
starting next level.