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You need a web cam. It should point to an area where nothing is moving at the start, it works best using a white wall or screen. The output is separated into two parts. The left side is the actual game area. You can customize its size by editing the second line in 'data/level.xml':
<game width="1024" height="768">
For maximal interaction fun it is recommended to project this on a big screen so that the shade displayed in the installation matches with its real size. A second monitor could be used to show the right side of the program output which contains the camera input image and the calculated shade of moving objects in front of the camera. That helps to detect possible error sources if the shade tracking is not working properly.

Get it running

Mac: double click the app folder.
Linux: run 'clickToLaunchApp.sh'.
Windows: run 'raindrops.exe'.
Take every moving object out of the cameras sight and press SPACE. There are some helpful shortcuts to optimize the shade tracking.

How to win

You have to water each flower on the screen to win the level. This is made by carrying a raindrop to every flower using the shade captured by the cam as a barrier. A flower can only flourish, if it is hit by a similar colored drop. In case of a mismatch the raindrop will crush. If the drop hits no plant until it reaches the bottom of the screen, a wave in the background will rise. One must prevent this wave from passing a critical height.
Try making sounds like hand clapping or shouting. This will create wind swirling up the plants.


For further information read our Documentation.